Month: December 2013

Memories: summer’s end

One of our favourite summer swimming spots… kalkbrottet in Lanna.


Middle Sweden

winter fields

Its been a slow start to the winter, the initial cold snap was replaced by the usual rainy darkness of November, the time when Swedes withdraw to their living rooms and watch TV. Its been hard to think of Christmas, life’s too busy, its dark and wet outside and there is this pre-occupation with escape, to anywhere where its warm and sunny… I dream of Provence last summer. We even sat and watched My Father’s Glory (La Gloire de mon père) last weekend, but that didn’t exactly help, even if it brought back happy memories. Of course we dream of Australia too, the beaches and the sunshine, despite the news of bush fires and shark attacks that have hit the Swedish headlines the last few weeks.

Yesterday a storm blew in and now our world is covered with snow, though the forecast is for warmer weather next week, so I suppose it will change to slush. But today is white and calm, the storm has passed, the sky is blue, and the skeletal black of the trees outside my window have lost their harshness and just add to the beauty. I’ll drive Sam to off to innebandy (floor ball) in a few minutes, for a game. Maria’s at work at the hospital, Hanna and Isak are still lying in bed.

Saturday morning, two weeks before Christmas, in middle (lagom) Sweden.