This blog started life with a different name (“the view from here”) and a different focus but never really got anywhere. I had previously written a blog which did get updated fairly often, which I called “postcards from sweden” which can still be seen here. It started after our move to Sweden in 2006 and continued sporadically until we moved back to Australia in 2011, when suddenly the title became wrong. I had this idea of writing a blog in Swedish while we were in Australia, called “vykort från australien” (postcards from australia) and struggled on with it for a while, but Swedish is not my first language and writing was more a chore than a joy. I was relieved when we moved back to Sweden that I could resume my writing in English.

But the title has felt increasingly limiting, suggesting as it does that it is a blog about Sweden, which of course it is. But ultimately there are many more things that I would like to blog about than just life in Sweden, not least our travels outside that country, but it is too hard to start a new blog to somehow encompass all these other things.

So I have now renamed and rethought my blogging, and have decided to discontinue the postcards from sweden blog and instead focus on this blog, which will hopefully allow a broader subject matter, and more freedom for me. The subject then, is not so much a country, as a life: a life shared with family and friends as I experience it. Sweden and Australia are our homes. We are a bi-national family, and will never be one or the other. This brings joys and trials, and perhaps that will be reflected in these pages.

But this is not a personal diary published on the web, though sometimes it may appear a bit that way. It is more the experiences and observations that impact my day to day life, and which I wonder about out loud, the kind of things I would chat about to anyone I happened to meet, friends who I might bump into in town, at work, at home, on the train.

We will see how it pans out.

David Holford, Mirabeau, France, August 2013


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi David, I came across your blog while researching Orebro rentals!! We’re an Aussie family planning to move to Orebro next year to work with Operation Mercy. It’s been nice to read some of your observations about the town.

  2. Thanks David. We’re in the process of applying through Operation Mobilisation Australia. Hoping to get to Orebro in January or February 2016. The hardest thing is trying to look for rental accommodation as the websites are in Swedish and the translations don’t always work well.

    1. We are happy to help you in any way we can. We know the system here pretty well, Maria is Swedish and understands the language perfectly, I speak Swedish pretty fluently too. We also know the Op Mercy people well, especially the Australians! Send me your email address if you want to have a more detailed conversation.

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