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Birches through the window

As the days draw in and the temperatures slip slowly downward, sun through the leaves on an autumn afternoon relieves the sadness of the struggles of life… In fact, even in a world full of pain, there is still joy in … Continue reading

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Autumn colours

Something happened to the summer… it was glorious while it lasted, but autumn is here and soon the darkness will return. But autumn colours bring moments of happiness despite the anticipation of the freeze that lies up ahead…

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Blue mountains

West of Sydney are the Blue Mountains, spectacular and of major significance in the history and development of European colonisation of NSW. West of Örebro there is a range of low lying hills which is also sometimes called den blåa … Continue reading

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Loka Brunn

Back in November I wrote a blog about conference centres in Sweden. A week or so ago I stayed overnight at one of the centres I mentioned in that blog. I drove out to Loka Brunn in driving snow, in … Continue reading

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Summer memories: smultronställe

In Orsa last summer, the wild strawberries (smultron) were everywhere…

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Middle Sweden

Its been a slow start to the winter, the initial cold snap was replaced by the usual rainy darkness of November, the time when Swedes withdraw to their living rooms and watch TV. Its been hard to think of Christmas, … Continue reading

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Summer memories: a slow start

Its grey today, overcast and chilly. But I shouldn’t complain. Its been a perfect Swedish summer and it has pushed on into September, with lots of sunny t-shirt days making cycling to and from work a joy. But just as … Continue reading

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